How to Disable Google Chrome Notifications

Google Chrome lets you receive notification from your favourite blogs in order to stay updated even while doing another work. There’s no need to check for latest updates randomly by visiting websites if you have subscribed to browser-based push notifications. But sometimes too many notifications can disturb your work. There’s a way to disable Chrome notifications if you don’t want interruption from the notifications of subscribed blogs.

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If you block Chrome notifications, you will be asked to subscribe to push notifications again whenever you visit your favourite blog and if you feel comfortable, you can enable Chrome notifications.

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How to Disable Chrome Notifications

Launch the Google Chrome browser on your PC, open a new tab and type the following path in the address bar.



Scroll down the browser window until you find Notifications section. Click on it.

Chrome notifications settings

Now you can see a list of subscribed blogs under Allow section. Find the blog for which you want to disable Chrome notifications. Click on three dot menu and select either block or remove option (see the screenshot).

block or remove subscribed blogs in Chrome notification settings

That’s it. Now you will no longer receive Chrome notifications.

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