How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Nowadays, the software applications and websites have different requirements for hardware accelerations as they use multimedia for keeping you engaged. The hardware acceleration settings decide the performance of the graphics hardware available on your PC. The same thing happens on the browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The browsers can initiate hardware acceleration for those websites that are media enriched. Sometimes you need to disable hardware acceleration to avoid problems on your browsers such as mouse lag and stuck while exploring some sites.

Disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome and Firefox

If you have not upgraded graphics hardware and have enabled hardware acceleration, you may face some issues on your browsers such as latency, slow loading, and stuck videos as well as websites.

Most of the latest browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera enable this feature by default to give us a better browsing experience. If you want to disable hardware acceleration on your browser, you can follow the below-explained process.

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To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome browser and enter this URL chrome://gpu in Chrome’s address bar and check which of the components are using the hardware acceleration feature.

chrome://gpu. Check list of components using the hardware acceleration feature

  • Now open the following URL and toggle off the “Use Hardware Acceleration when available” option


toggle off the

  • Restart your Chrome browser to implement the changes.

To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox and click on three-line menu displaying on the top right corner of the Chrome browser window and click on “Options”.

select options in three-line menu of Firefox

Scroll down the window until you find Performance section, uncheck the “Use recommended performance settings”. It will show you the hardware acceleration option.

uncheck Use recommended performance settings

Now uncheck the box to disable Hardware Acceleration feature and restart your browser to implement the changes.

disable hardware acceleration in Firefox

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