Google Chrome remembers passwords of different sites in Windows if you want it to remember. You must have noticed that whenever you sign in on any website using Chrome, it shows a prompt asking if you want to save password for that particular site and you can select between two options, one is Save and another is Never. If you don’t like to ask for saving password, you can disable save password setting in Google Chrome.

When you turn off save password setting, Chrome will not display the prompt asking to save password again. By default, this option is turned on. You can also change Chrome password setting on a later stage, if required.

To Enable or Disable Save Password Setting in Google Chrome

Launch Google Chrome, click on three dot menu and select Settings.

navigate settings to disable save password setting in Google Chrome

Click/tap on Advanced/Show advanced settings link to expand Chrome setting.

navigate advanced settings in Google Chrome

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Now scroll down until you find Passwords and forms section. Move the slider of Manage password option/uncheck “Offer to save your web passwords” option to disable save password setting in Chrome. The blue colored slider indicates that the option is enabled. On the other hand, grey colored slider shows that option is disabled.

disable save password setting in Google Chrome

That’s all. If you want to reverse this action (turn on save password setting) in Google Chrome, follow the same instructions and move the slider to the right side or check mark the option of “Offer to save your web passwords”.

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