How to disable Update Notification for Single Plugin in WordPress

WordPress Update Notification is no doubt a very important and helpful feature of WordPress. It help you keep your wordpress blog updated and less vulnerable to security threats.

But some time you need to keep old version of your favorite plugin for many reasons as it may be not compatible with your blog theme or for any other reason. I face similar problem with Smooth Slider plugin. The updated version of Smooth Slider is not compatible with my thesis theme.

As I may not be updating the plugin in future the update notification for this single plugin is out of question. If you to face such problem you can use the below code to block the update message.

function stop_plugin_update( $value ) {
 unset( $value->response['smooth-slider/smooth-slider.php'] );
 return $value;
add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'stop_plugin_update' );

You can Place this code in your function.php file. As I am using Thesis Theme I added with code in custom_functions.php. You can also add more plugins in this code by just adding another unset() code.

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  1. for other themes where should I add these codes…? in theme_function.php or any other file…


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