Download Adobe Shockwave Player Offline Installer

Adobe Shockwave Offline Installer

Adobe Shockwave Player lets Internet users experience best interactive content on the web including 3D games, online learning apps, videos, demonstrations of interactive products, simulations and more. The latest Shockwave Player offline installer is available to download.

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You can download free Shockwave Player offline installer for Windows PC and use it as many times as you want. The Shockwave offline installer doesn’t need Internet connectivity while installation.

Adobe Shockwave Player standalone installer direct links are provided later in this blog post.

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System Requirements to Install Adobe Shockwave Player Offline Installer

  • Intel Pentium IV 600MHz or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox

Highlights of Adobe Shockwave Player

  • Adobe Shockwave contents are created in Director environment.
  • Shockwave player is more powerful and versatile as users can create or play more complex interactive content.
  • More type of files can be used with Shockwave.
  • If users download Shockwave Player package, there is no need to download Flash Player as it is already included in the package.

What’s New in Shockwave Player

  • New sensational Post-processing effects:
    Shockwave Player adds character to content with support for filer effects such as Convolution filter, Adjust Color filter, Depth of Field, Bloom Effect, Night Vision etc.
  • Stereoscopy:
    Shockwave Player personifies content by supporting Anaglyph Stereoscopy.
  • Exciting new textures and shaders:
    Shockwave Player makes viewing content a visual treat by supporting textures and shaders such as PerlinNoise Texture, CubeMap Render Texture and shaders, such as Fresnel Shader.

Download Latest Shockwave Player Offline Installer

Shockwave Player for Windows – Full (Size: 14 MB)

Shockwave Player for Windows – Slim (Size: 5.6 MB)

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