Avast is one of the most downloaded and reputed free antivirus programs available online. The latest Avast upgrade “Avast 6” contains some most advance features like avast sandbox and WebRep add-on for latest web browsers. With these features available in free avast antivirus makes it far ahead in its category.

Sandbox feature allows your computer to run unknown and suspected or untrusted programs in a confined or quarantined space which restricts program to damage your computer. Since Avast 6 can automatically sandbox programs, you’re protected even if its definitions and behavioural scanning can’t tell that program is malicious.

Another new feature in Avast 6 is Web Rep tool which is similar to Web of Trust browser add-on. Avast maintains a database of trusted or non trusted website or web pages. User is warned against a malicious or fraudster website in advance. A sidebar gadget has also been introduced which makes it very, very clear to even the most inexperienced of users whether Avast 6 is performing properly and provides fast access to scans and updates.


File Size :- 63.23 MB
Version :- 6.0.1091
License :- Freeware
Homepage :- Avast Software
Download :- Avast 6


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