The latest Google Chrome 59 has been released with various security fixes, improvements, and new features. Chrome 59 stable version is available for download. The supported Operating Systems include Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In this blog post, we are providing Google Chrome 59 offline installer that can be used in offline environment.

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Chrome 59 incorporates new features such as Headless Chrome, Native notifications on MacOS, Image Capture API and much more.

You can free download Chrome 59 offline installer and use it multiple times. The Chrome web installer can be used in an online environment and sometimes you need to install Chrome without internet connectivity. In that case, Chrome offline installer will be helpful.

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Features of Latest Google Chrome 59

Headless Chrome: It allows you to run automated tests and server environments. For the time being, this new feature is available on Linux and Mac OS and will soon be available on Windows. Google Chrome 59 (Headless Chrome) brings all the modern web platform features provided by Chrome.

Native notifications on MacOS: The latest Chrome 59 will use native notification system to improve the user experience.

Image capture API: This feature allows you to access the full resolution capabilities of all types of cameras. It also provides the control on the various features such as zoom, contrast, brightness, ISO and white balance.

Direct Download Google Chrome 59 Offline Installer

Download Google Chrome 59 for Windows 32-bit (Size: 43.7 MB)

Download Google Chrome 59 for Windows 64-bit (Size: 47.4MB)

Download Google Chrome 59 for Mac OS (Size: 60.4MB)

Download Google Chrome 59 for Linux Debian 64-bit (Size: 58MB)

Download Google Chrome 59 for Linux RPM 64-bit (Size: 57.8MB)



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