Download Java 15 Offline Installers for All Operating Systems

Oracle released the latest Java 15 that is packed with fourteen main enhancements and changes out of which one is incubator module, three are preview features, two are deprecated features, and the rest two are removals. Java 15 offline installer is available to download and install. As JDK is updated with each Critical Patch Update (CPU), you are always recommended to use the latest version of Java instead of being sticky to the legacy versions.

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Java 15 offline installers

Java 15 release notes are published, you can go through the entire information about important changes, enhancements, removed APIs and features, deprecated APIs, and features. From April 2019, the Oracle JDK License is changed as it allows using JDK for personal use only, you need to pay for the commercial use of Java Development Kit.

Difference between Two Binary Releases of Java 15

Oracle OpenJDK 15: The OpenJDK 15 is offered under open-source General Public License v2 with a linking exception. OpenJDK is released every six months and it supports the changes until the latest version is released.

Oracle JDK 15: This product is offered under a commercial license for the users who are using JDK 15 for commercial products or services or need commercial support. JDK 15 offline installer direct download links are available in this blog post that helps you to get the latest Java version.

“Oracle JDK 15 will receive a minimum of two quarterly updates, per the Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) schedule, before being followed by Oracle JDK 16,” Oracle says.

In every six-month schedule of new releases, Oracle prefers to offer enhancements in JDK in smaller feature releases that are more manageable. The latest build is packed with essential bug fixes, new features, enhancements, routine maintenance, and improvements.

Changelog of Java 15 offline installer

New Features:

Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (JEP 339 )
Hidden Classes (JEP 371)

Preview Features:

Incubating and Preview Features:

  • Sealed Classes – first preview (JEP 360 )
  • Pattern Matching for instanceof – second preview (JEP 375)
  • Records – second preview (JEP 384)
  • Foreign-Memory Access API – second incubator (JEP 383)

Modernizing the JDK:

  • Disable and deprecate biased locking (JEP 374)
  • Deprecate RMI Activation for Removal (JEP 385)
  • Remove the Nashorn JavaScript Engine (JEP 372)
  • Remove the Solaris and SPARC Ports (JEP 381 )
  • Reimplement the legacy Datagram Socket API (JEP 373)

How to Download JDK 15 Offline Installer for All Platforms

  • Visit the official Oracle Java JDK 15 offline installer download page.
  • You will see a list of platforms along with download links of JDK 15.
  • Choose the download link of JDK 15 offline installer, depending on the platform, on which you want to install Java 15 (Java Developing Kit 15).
download java 15 offline installer
  • On the next popup window, accept the “Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Java SE” to proceed with the downloading of JDK. Now tap on the download button. This will download JDK 15 standalone installer for a particular platform.
download JDK 15 offline installer

Now be ready for the next critical patch update scheduled for January 19, 2021. Always be up to date if you want error-free JDK experience.

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