Download Latest Windows Service Packs – Win 7 Sp1, Vista Sp2, Winxp sp3

Microsoft releases Windows Services Packs on regular basis. Service Packs can be termed as major cumulative updates for operating systems. They contains all security patches released after last major update.

Latest Windows Service Packs sometimes also contains new features apart from regular bug fixes and improvements.

Direct Download Latest Windows 7 Service Pack 1

You can download latest windows 7 service pack 1 from the links given below. As the last service pack was released in year 2011, a Convenience Rollup for Windows 7 SP1 is also available. The Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup contains updates released through Feb. 2011 to April 2016. You can only install convenience Rollup on system which is already having Win 7 SP1 installed.

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Direct Download Windows Xp Service Pack 3

Latest Service pack of Windows Xp is Service Pack 3 offline installer links are also provided in the links given below.  Windows Xp service pack 3 can only be installed, if you already have installed Windows SP1a or Windows Xp SP2.

In case you have not installed one of these service packs you need to download and install one of them first.  Windows Xp Professional is the only version available in 64-bit version. The latest service pack for professional edition of operating system is Sp2

The links provided for latest windows service pack are official links and are downloaded directly from Microsoft Services. So they are safe and can be installed on multiple systems without any problem.

Operating System Knowledge Base Service Pack Size (MB) Download
Windows 7 KB3125574 Convenience Rollup (April 2016) 316.0 32-bit
KB3125574 Convenience Rollup (April 2016) 476.9 64-bit
KB976932 Service Pack 1 541.9 32-bit
KB976932 Service Pack 1 912.4 64-bit
Windows Vista KB948465 Vista Service Pack 2 475.5 32-bit
KB948465 Vista Service Pack 2 745 64-bit
Windows Xp KB914961 Service Pack 3 316 32-bit
KB914961 Service Pack 2 351 64-bit

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