Searching for your favorite Mp3 song online can some time be a very frustrating. There are so many MP3 Search engines available online. The one which is my favorite is You can download free music from this site. is a dedicated search engine for mp3 music files. This site indexes and organize music from various sites and provides you’re the direct download links of those files. The interface is very neatly divided, your can search the site by name of song, artist or album.  You can also check the alphabetical listing of songs and artists.

You can check the list of 50 most popular Mp3 on homepage, list of Most listened songs and 30 latest added files. There is also a USA Top 100 List, World Music charts, Top downloads to find various mp3 files. You can also check 50 most recent searches people around the world make on to get free music downloads.

At time of this review total of 1502580 were indexed and the counter is growing rapidly. Account to official statement of only music posted legally on internet are indexed. You can listen to the Mp3 song online legally before downloading the complete songs which is one of the best feature of this website. The latest 50 searches are indexed to show you what people are searching for on that website.

You can share link of mp3 you link on your social network like facebook, digg, myspace (which is sold and it’s fate hangs in middle of nowhere). Share links of these websites are provided on the right sidebar.

You can also read brief biography of artist by clicking the artist name in mp3 download page. Videos and pictures of artists are also available on download page.


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