Download Microsoft Edge Chromium Based Browser for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android

Microsoft released the latest Chromium-based Edge for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. This latest version Microsoft Edge is redesigned to overcome the compatibility issues of some websites. In this blog post, we are providing the links for direct download Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, MacOS, iOS and Android. Microsoft Edge for Linux is not available but is planned to be released in the near future.

Download Edge offline installer

Now the Edge browser will work like Google’s Chrome browser, as both are based on Chromium, an open-source project. The new Edge browser is packed with performance enhancement, more productivity, improved privacy, and a new user interface.

As Microsoft Edge is available for all devices hence you can sync browser settings, favorites, and passwords. You can enjoy the collection of browser extensions available at Google Chrome Store.

Microsoft will embed the Edge browser in Windows 10 updates in the coming time. Once Edge starts coming as the default browser in coming windows 10 versions the Edge updates will be provided from Windows 10 Updates only.

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Microsoft Edge Features

  • The new Microsoft Edge browser is rebuilt to bring you the best experience of the web. With this Microsoft browser, you can experience the world-class compatibility and performance, security and privacy.
  • Customized style and layouts of the new Edge browser help you to choose your favorite style. Prepare the design of your new tab as per your own preference.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen of Edge browser protects your online activities from malicious attacks, phishing scams, and security issues. Now you don’t need to worry about the security while being online on this new web browser.
  • Tracking Prevention and InPrivate mode give you more control over the data, the browser is collecting. Microsoft Edge is designed for the best experience of 4K streaming.
  • Now that Microsoft Edge browser is based on chromium the debate of Microsoft edge vs chrome is laid for rest. Being open-source project chromium is a foundation on which a new edge browser and Google Chrome browser can be used by any company to forge a new product from it.

How to Install and setup Microsoft Edge browser

To install the latest Microsoft Edge browser, you can download Microsoft edge from the Microsoft edge offline installer links given below.

  • Double click on the downloaded Microsoft edge setup file and follow the instructions.
  • Once edge browser is installed it will check for previously installed Google Chrome Browser. If found edge will prompt you to import bookmarks, history, auto-fill data from chrome.

  • If you do not want to import the data you can ignore this feature and start from scratch. You can always import chrome browser data later at any time.
  • Next, the Edge will ask you to choose the look of the latest Edge browser. You are given 3 options to select from. Inspirational, Informational or Focused. Select your desired look and click on Next.

  • In case you want to use the new Edge browser on multiple devices. You have the option to sync edge data across these devices. For this, you need to have an email id from Hotmail, outlook or a custom domain email linked with Microsoft services like Microsoft 365.

  • Finally, you are asked to give permission for personalization of advertising, search and news based on the browsing history of your account. You can turn on or off (toggle) this and hit the confirm button. Now your Edge browser is ready to be used.

How to Install Edge extensions from the Microsoft Store

Build on web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, browser extensions are small programs that help you in customizing your browsing experience. You can install various extensions to add desired functionality and behavior to suit your needs.

  • To install extensions on edge browser from the Microsoft store tap on the three-dot menu on the top right corner and select extensions from the menu.

  • Click on “Get extensions from Microsoft store” link and select the desired edge extension. After selecting the extension click on Get button to install and enjoy the extension.

  • After installing extensions on the Edge browser, you can manage all the installed extensions from the Extensions page itself.

How to Install Edge extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store

To install extensions from Google Chrome Web Store on edge browser tap on the three-dot menu on the top right corner and select extensions from the menu.

On Extensions page in the bottom-left corner toggle on Allow extensions from other stores. A window will prompt, click on the Allow button to continue.

ou wouldn’t notice the Chrome Store link on the Extension page of the Edge browser. So you need to navigate Chrome Web Store to install a wide range of extensions.  Search the desired extension on Google Web Store and hit Add to Chrome button.

After installing extensions on the Edge browser, you can manage all the installed extensions from the Extensions page itself.

Direct Download Microsoft Edge offline installer [Stable Version]

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 10

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 7

Download Microsoft Edge for MacOS

Download Microsoft Edge for iOS

Download Microsoft Edge for Android

Download Edge Beta, Dev and Canary

Just in case you are a professional beta tester or want to test the latest feature being developed for edge browser just for curiosity’s sake you can download the non-stable beta, developer or canary editions of edge browser.

Words of caution: Out of all 3 versions Canary is considered the most unstable version as it is updated daily, Developer edition is released every week and is tested by the Microsoft test team, it is considered more stable than Canary edition. Beta version is released after every 6 weeks and is considered the most stable of Microsoft insider releases.

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 (Beta, Dev, Canary)

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 8.1 (Beta, Dev, Canary)

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 (Beta, Dev, Canary)

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows macOS (Beta, Dev, Canary)

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