Mozilla Firefox is well renowned, secure and fast web browser which is preferred by wide range of users. The latest Firefox 54 version is the first to nail the just right balance between the memory and speed of the system by using the hardware in a better way. Mozilla Firefox 54 offline installer is available to meet your requirements.

As the users perform complex tasks on web browsers, it affects the speed and consumes more memory. In the era of multitasking, everyone likes to increase productivity by using multiple tabs for videos, animations and more. You can download Firefox 54 offline installer by using the links given later in this article.

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Mozilla Firefox 54 incorporates new features, changes and security fixes. Download Firefox 54 offline installer for free and experience the latest version.

Firefox offline installer is useful when there is no Internet connectivity on the systems due to any issue. You can use Firefox 54 standalone setup as many times as you require.

Mozilla conducted a test to compare the memory usage by various web browsers on Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. It was found that Firefox uses lesser memory as compared to other major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

comparison of memory usage by browsers on Windows 10, MacOS 10, Ubuntu

What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 54 with E10s

  • The latest Firefox 54 is released to provide the perfect browsing experience to its valuable users. It runs complex sites faster than ever as this version will use multiple Operating System processes.
  • The new project of Mozilla Firefox is dubbed as E10s (Electrolysis) which indicates the strategy of splitting the Firefox load into independent processes.
  • Firefox 54 with E10s offers the perfect balance between speed and memory.
  • Firefox web browser uses up to four OS processes to run web page contents across all the tabs which will help to lower the impact on the responsiveness and speed of other tabs.
  • It is the best browser for the PCs with less memory.
  • Offers the ability to create and save custom devices in Responsive Design Mode.
  • Simplified the download button and download status panel.
  • Less crashing of even more complex websites.

Download Mozilla Firefox 54 Offline Installer

Direct Download Mozilla Firefox 54 for Windows 32-bit (Size: 42.9 MB)

Direct Download Mozilla Firefox 54 for Windows 64-bit (Size: 45.7 MB)

Direct Download Mozilla Firefox 54 for Linux 32-bit (Size: 58.8 MB)

Direct Download Mozilla Firefox 54 for Linux 64-bit (Size: 56.9 MB)

Direct Download Mozilla Firefox 54 for MacOS (Size: 56.9 MB)


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