Thunderbird is an email client developed by Mozilla. It is used by individuals as well as corporations due to its countless features. The latest Thunderbird 52 version incorporates various new features, changes and bug fixes. Thunderbird 52 offline installer is available to download for all Operating Systems.

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You can download free Thunderbird 52 offline installer by using direct links, given later in this blog post. In addition, Thunderbird offline installer can be used multiple times on same Operating System.

Mozilla Thunderbird 52 final offline installer is useful when you require Thunderbird on PC but unable to connect it to the Internet. Thunderbird standalone installer is specially used for offline environment.

Thunderbird is bundled with lots of useful features such as one-click address book, attachment reminder, multiple channel chat, web search support, tabbed email, do not track option and more.

If you want to experience Thunderbird features, use free download Thunderbird 52 offline installer for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. In order to setup email account in Thunderbird, you don’t require to IMAP, SMTP and SSL/TLS settings. You just need to enter your name, email address and password to get started.
  2. Offers you to personalize email address as per your choice.
  3. One-click address book lets you add people just by clicking on the star icon. You can also add more details such as photo, birthday and additional contact information.
  4. Attachment reminder lets you add an attachment before sending an email. If you write “attachment” word in the body of the email, the reminder checks it and prompt message if you forget to add an attachment.
  5. It supports multiple channel chat.
  6. Tabbed email feature lets you open multiple emails at the same time and quickly jump between them. If you have not closed tabs before quitting Thunderbird, the same tabs will be automatically opened when you relaunch it.
  7. You can search the web using Thunderbird’s search box. There is no need to switch the window.
  8. Quick filter toolbar that helps you to filter emails quickly.
  9. If you want to save emails for future reference, Thunderbird lets you archive them.
  10. You can take a review of what’s happening to your email with the help of Activity manager.
  11. Thunderbird Filelink allows you to upload large files to online storage provider and share the links with recipients instead of sending files.
  12. Facility to find and install Add-ons directly in Thunderbird without visiting any other website.
  13. It provides security and protection to the email by supporting user privacy and blocking remote image. Moreover, It offers “Do Not Track” option, and phishing protection.
  14. Thunderbird gets updated automatically on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You are notified when Mozilla provides security updates for Thunderbird.

What’s New in Latest Mozilla Thunderbird 52 Final

  1. Folder pane toolbar and folder view selector (replacement for folder view arrows).
  2. Optionally remove corresponding data files when removing an account from Thunderbird.
  3. Import settings from Becky! Internet Mail.
  4. Possibility to copy message filter.
  5. Dictionary setting is restored when editing a draft. Content-Language header (RFC 3282) transmitted with the message.
  6. Calendar: Event can now be created and edited in a tab.
  7. Calendar: Processing of received invitation counter proposals.
  8. Chat: Support Twitter Direct Messages.
  9. Chat: Liking and Favoriting in Twitter.
  10. Chat: XMPP: Support SASL SCRAM authentication mechanism.
  11. Chat: Support Jabber/XMPP Message Carbons (XEP-280).

Direct Download Mozilla Thunderbird 52 Offline Installer

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 52 for Windows (Size: 38.3 MB)

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 52 for MacOS (Size: 75.2 MB)

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 52 for Linux (Size: 48.4 MB)


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