Download OBS Offline Installer for All Operating Systems

Open Broadcast Software is also known as OBS, is a free, open-source and cross-platform recording and video streaming program. If you want to live stream your shows or programs, you can use this live streaming software. We are providing the direct download OBS offline installer links, you can access these official links and get OBS for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download OBS offline installer

Live streaming is the modern technique to attract a wide range of audience on the web and this screencast video production tool can be helpful. You would definitely appreciate this free tool if you don’t prefer to go for a paid tool.

Open Broadcast Software standalone installer is available for those who want to install OBS on multiple systems. OBS offline installer once downloaded mitigates the requirement of internet connection while installing on new systems.

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How to Get Started with OBS

Here’s a quick start guide to start recording and streaming:

Run the OBS Studio auto-configuration wizard: While loading OBS Studio for the first time, you will notice the auto-configuration wizard. Follow up the instructions for the setup. This wizard will automatically look for the appropriate settings including streaming or recording, resolution, bitrate, encoder, streaming provider and more that your particular system can handle properly.

Setting up audio devices: Default settings of OBS Studio is set to record default audio of system and microphone. You can also make this setting manually by navigating Settings -> Audio and selecting the devices. This works for the Windows users but the mac users require an extra app due to some limitations imposed.

Adding sources for video: You need to select the source when you start capturing the video. You can locate a box called Sources at the bottom of the OBS window and choose the suitable option. Sometimes the laptop users face issues as the screen is shown to be black even after choosing game/window/display capture sources. At that time there’s a need to troubleshoot the problem and here’s a guide.

Cross-check stream and record settings: You just check all the final settings by navigating Settings -> Output. We strongly recommend starting recording or streaming for a few minutes for the purpose of testing. This will help you to avoid unexpected annoying issues while performing final recording or live streaming.

Direct Download OBS Studio Offline Installer

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