Download Opera 11.01–Critical Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

Yesterday Opera Software released update for their Opera browser taking the version count to Opera 11.01. The latest version fixes security and adds stability improvements in browser.

The latest version implements Support for window.DOMStringList object of the W3C DOM3 DOMStringList Interface. Fixes varous mouse gesture sensitivity and recognition issues. Fixed issued related to browser crashing out while reloading, file downloading and extension autoupdate. Various issued related to opera installers are also fixed.

The security issues fixed in this version includes.

  1. Removed support for “javascript:” URLs in CSS -o-link values, to make it easier for sites to filter untrusted CSS.
  2. Fixed an issue where large form inputs could allow execution of arbitrary code.
  3. Fixed an issue which made it possible to carry out clickjacking attacks against internal opera: URLs;
  4. Fixed issues which allowed web pages to gain limited access to files on the user’s computer
  5. Fixed an issue where email passwords were not immediately deleted when deleting private data
  6. Fixed an issue which could cause the wrong executable to be used to display a downloaded file in its folder

File Size :- 8.85 MB
Version  :- 11.01
Homepage :- Opera Software
Download  :- Opera 11.01

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