The latest version of Opera browser is released with performance enhancement, new tweaks, and features. Opera 51 stable version claims to be 38% faster than the latest Mozilla Firefox 58. You can download Opera 51 offline installer using the direct links provided in this blog post and experience the claimed performance of new Opera browser.

Opera brought anti-crypto mining support in previous release Opera 50, to deal with the websites, using the advanced technologies for mining cryptocurrencies. Now the latest Opera 51 is released with noticeable performance boosting features.

Opera 51 offline installer, Opera standalone installer

The download links for Opera 51 full version are available for free. If you are using Opera 50 or older version, you are suggested to update your browser for a better experience. You can also update Opera by accessing Menu within your browser.

Opera 51 standalone installer package is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can opt the appropriate links according to your operating system and install Opera 51 in an offline environment.

What’s New in Opera 51

Improved browsing speed: Opera is continually making efforts to make Opera faster by releasing new updates. Opera 51 is compiled with Clang (Windows), which prove performance gains on benchmark tests such as the new Speedometer 2.0.

Even the Opera has challenged that the new Opera 51 has faster browsing speed as compared to Firefox 58. The speed test has been performed (by running on HP Spectre with Windows 10) and concluded that Opera 51 better than Firefox.

Click tab to scroll to top: Opera added a new option to deal with those websites (Facebook or Twitter) that are using endless scrolling pages instead of “next” page option. You just click the page’s tab to quickly scroll up and repeat click will bring you back where you left reading before.

Import bookmarks: Opera added import bookmarks in bookmarks manager, which allows you to import bookmarks from another web browser

Added collapsible list of opened and closed tabs: You can check your opened and closed tabs easily from the menu. Even the latest Opera 51.0 incorporates a feature that permanently keep tabs pinned in the browser.

Video pop-out: Now you can browse internet while watching video on adjustable window in Opera browser. In addition, “back to tab” option helps you to restore video on the original page. Opera has also updated the style of the video pop-out button on macOS systems.

Allow all sites to use Flash: Now you can allow all websites at once prior requesting to use Flash. For this you need to change default settings by navigating Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Websites > Flash.

Regardless of above features, Opera 51 includes some minor features such as preferences backup, adding desktop wallpaper, and reset browser settings.

Direct Download Opera 51 Offline Installer

  • Opera 51 Stand-alone Installer for Windows 64-bit (Size: 45 MB) – Download
  • Opera 51 for Stand-alone Installer Linux Debian (Size: 50 MB) – Download
  • Opera 51 Stand-alone Installer for Linux RPM (Size: 48 MB) – Download
  • Opera 51 Stand-alone Installer for macOS (Size: 59 MB) – Download


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