Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Preview 2 and is available for download for developers willing to test and contribute in making Visual Studio 2017 a more stable and versatile programming platform.

In this new version multiples issues are fixed which were reported by the developer community. The issues fixed in this version were prioritized by a method of voting. The issued which received maximum votes are fixed in this release.

download visual studio 2017 15.4 preview 2

Visual Studio improvements includes addition of launch banner in the installer to signal about the successful installation of the program. The Visual Studio 2017 web installer now uses auto-proxy detection for downloading the required files for installation.

Now if in case a non-critical component fails to install during installation just a warning is displayed instead of failure notice.

Change Log for Latest Preview of Visual Studio 2017

  • Added a launch banner in the installer to signal Visual Studio has been successfully installed.
  • The installer now uses auto-proxy detection for downloads.
  • The installer will now display a warning instead of a failure when non-critical components fail to install if they do not directly impede the use of the Visual Studio IDE. The change in the user experience makes it clearer that Visual Studio is okay to use even though there were some issues that the user can take action to correct.
  • Creating an offline layout will use shorter paths, enabling administrators to host offline installs in deeper network folder hierarchies.
  • Fixed a problem where screen reader users using Freedom Scientific’s JAWS screen reader could not use IntelliSense in the Visual Studio editor.

Download Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Preview 2



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