WizTree is the most popular large file finder software that scans your entire hard drive and shows all the files and folders occupying the larger space. It’s not preferable to find the larger files manually to free up the precious space. You can download WizTree 3.0 using direct download links given later in this article.

The company WizTree releases the frequent updates with new features and improvements. In WizTree 2.0 update they added new features like individual folder scanning, multiple hard drive scan, and file search scan.

Now the latest WizTree 3.0 is released with the fastest large file finder feature by which you can scan your hard drive more quickly. It takes 1.4 seconds to scan 256 GB SSD and 7.45 seconds for 2 TB magnetic hard drive. WizTree 3.0 also includes all features of previous versions.

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The interface of WizTree is simpler and doesn’t give the graphical display of files like WinDirStat. In WizTree you simply get an ordered list in which largest files and folders placed on top. You can also delete unwanted files using this software. You just need to select the file which you want to delete and press delete button from the keyboard.

Apart from this, there are more useful features available in the current version of WizTree, the detection of deleted files and allocated disk space information. Download free WizTree 3.0 for your Windows system and filter larger files. The portable WizTree 3.0 is also available to download which doesn’t require installation.

WizTree 3.0 is simple and handy disk analyzing tool used to represent the actual size on disks of files and folders including additional named data stream and when we select any file or folder it displays the total file count and size in the status bar.

Direct Download WizTree 3.0 for Windows

Download WizTree 3.0 Portable Version for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows (Size: 3.88 MB)

Download WizTree 3.0 Installer for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows (Size: 2.75 MB)



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