After few beta versions  WordPress team has released the release candidate for WordPress 3.1. Release candidate means there will be no more additions of features and most of the problems or bugs found in beta phase are resolved. WordPress 3.1 RC1 will be identical with final version of WordPress 3.1. Still it’s not recommended to install Wp 3.1 rc1 on live site. This is strictly for testing purpose only.

Some of the features added in latest version are a Completely new Admin Bar, Ajax based admin screens, better interlink of old posts. improved UI for searching & browsing installed themes, separate network dashboard for multi site configuration and many more.

  • With nearly 700 tickets closed, there are tons of changes. Plugin and theme authors, please test your plugins and themes now, so that if there is a compatibility issue, we can figure it out before the final release.
  • Users are also encouraged to test things out. If you find problems, let your plugin/theme authors know so they can figure out the cause.
  • If any known issues crop up, you’ll be able to find them here.

For more details refer to Official WordPress Page. You can report any bug or error at  WordPress Trac, WordPress forum or WP testers

Download WordPress 3.1 RC1


    • Stable versions are always good, but beta or release candidate versions provides you a snapshot of what’s coming in future and chance to help it’s developers find errors in these version and fix them.


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