Dridex Malware Targeting Millions Using Microsoft Zero-Day Vulnerability

Microsoft Zero day vulnerability has put millions of users into trouble as the dangerous Dridex malware is infecting millions of recipients by the use of  MS Word document exploit. This security threat affects all versions of Microsoft Word. This vulnerability also works on Windows 10 which is considered to be more secured Operating System.

Dridex malware

Generally Dridex malware forces macros in Microsoft Office to infect systems. The attackers distribute Dridex malware by sending exploit Word document using spam e-mail. When receiver opens the Word document, a macro embedded in the document surreptitiously activates Dridex malware and after that the malware starts to steal financial records along with attempting fraudulent financial transactions.

The researchers from security firms McAfee, FireEye and Proofpoint unveil the threat of Dridex malware. As per security firms, Microsoft plans to roll out a security update for Microsoft Word flaw on Tuesday. It is recommended not to open word document received from non-reliable senders and the documents that require disabling Protected View option on MS Word until this issue gets patched by the company.

As per the blog of Proofpoint, the exploit documens prepared under Dridex campaign were sent to millions of recipients across various organizations which are mainly situated in Australia. The Proofpoint researchers stated:

“This represents a significant level of agility and innovation for Dridex actors who have primarily relied on macro-laden documents attached to emails. While a focus on exploiting the human factor—that is, the tendency of people to click and inadvertently install malware on their devices in socially engineered attacks—remains a key trend in the current threat landscape, attackers are opportunists, making use of available tools to distribute malware efficiently and effectively. This is the first campaign we have observed that leverages the newly disclosed Microsoft zero-day.”

This serious security issue is expected to be patched in patch Tuesday. Everyone should apply the patch quickly after it gets released to avoid the attack of Dridex malware.

Stay tuned for the next reports & announcements from Microsoft and security firms.

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