Listening to the concerns of Facebook users about the security of Facebook account company has started rolling out HTTPS & SSL encryption feature to all Facebook users. Security concerns grew much more when a Firefox addon called “FireSheep” was made available online which was capable of sniffing network packets for account sessions.

How does HTTPS works ?

Without enabling HTTPS/SSL only username and passwords are encrypted while logging in to account  after that data flow of entire session is unencrypted. After enabling the https feature all the communication between computer and server will be encrypted. The only disadvantage of enabling the security is that loading of pages will be little bit slow but keeping in mind the advantage it should be bearable for majority of the users.


How to enable https option ?

HTTPS/SSL encryptions has to be enabled manually by going to Accounts Setting –> Account Security and checking “Secure Browsing (https)” option. If this  option is not available then you have to wait for sometime till the security is rolled out to your account. We expect it to be available to all Facebook users in a short amount of time.


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