How to Enable Virtual On-screen TouchPad in Windows 10

Microsoft revealed lots of exclusive features of Windows 10 Creators Update in the Microsoft event held few weeks ago. This update is specially developed keeping in mind creative professionals. Microsoft didn’t reveal all the features of Windows 10 Creators Update. Some of the features are still kept to surprise Windows 10 users and virtual touchpad is one of them. Virtual touchpad enables users to move pointer on another screen when it is connected to Windows 10 tablet. This feature is really wonderful for the users who find difficulties while using small icons and menus with rollover effects.

enable virtual touchpad windows 10

How to Enable Virtual TouchPad in Windows 10

To enable Virtual On-screen TouchPad is pretty simple and it’s very useful for the Windows 10 users who usually work on additional displays. You don’t need to attach mouse for an additional display. If you want to enable virtual touchpad then follow up a simple process.

Touch and hold on the taskbar of your Windows 10 tablet. Then select Show Touchpad Button option. The touchpad button will display in the system tray. Tap the touchpad button to launch actual virtual on-screen touchpad. This virtual on-screen touchpad has two separate areas for left and right clicks like a mouse.

Although virtual touchpad is shown on right bottom- corner of the screen by default, you can also change it to a resizable floating window. If you want to customize the settings of virtual touchpad, launch system Settings app > devices > Touchpad.

You can change the actions as per your preferences. Virtual touchpad supports single-tap, double-tap, two-finger, three-finger, and even four-finger gesture.
Virtual touchpad resembles big black surface of the laptop which is used to move the pointer on the screen. It really works well. Even it is quite easy to close it by touching ‘x‘ button appearing on the top-right corner of the touchpad window.

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Some of the Windows 10 users find this feature useful while some users don’t like it.
As you know the virtual on-screen touchpad feature will be available in Windows 10 Creators Update. If you can’t wait for using this feature then try similar apps such as Touch Mouse Pointer or Unified Remote. These apps are developed by third parties that have similar functionality to the virtual touchpad. If you want to share your experience leave the comments.

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