Account to Twitter’s latest announcement you can make your twitter account more secure by enabling “always use HTTPS” option which is made available in accounts setting page. A similar feature announcement was made earlier by Facebook.

Why you should enable HTTPS ?

A big question is that why should you use HTTPS ? HTTPS protects your account from third parties that try to eavesdrop on your network traffic. Enabling the security make it sure that your account data is more secure and cannot be hijacked by using conventional methods.

How to enable HTTPS on Twitter ?

Log in to your account. Click your username select setting from the drop down menu.

On the accounts setting page scroll to end of the page. You will see a new settings “HTTPS Only” Click the check box to activate the feature and save the settings.   You will be prompted to enter your account’s password after your click the save button.


To verify the changes you can check that if the URL starts with https// then HTTPS is enabled.


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