Be Environment Friendly Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones

Millions of new mobile phones are coming in market each month. As the market for smart phones has increased rapidly people are dumping their old cell phones in garbage which are further thrown  in landfills, lakes or rivers. Many harmful toxins are released by these cellular phones . The manufacturing process of new phones is also putting too much stress on natural resources which are depleting at an alarming rate.

What is needed is that we should start recycling our old mobile phones, as there is a large market for second hand mobile handsets in less developed countries. By recycling your old mobile phones you will help reducing amount of electronic waste and also reduce your carbon footprint. Our coming generations deserves a better and clean environment. is one such mobile phone recycling company based in United Kingdom which lets you earn extra cash for mobile phones you are currently not using (working or non-working).

The Process of Recycling your Cell Phones & earn Cash for Mobiles

  1. Login to Cash for Mobile website
  2. Search for cell phone you want to recycle & check the price.
  3. Select weather your phone is in working or non working condition.
  4. Fill in the required details The address must be a valid UK address.
  5. Company will provide you with a padded envelope and a freepost address label.
  6. All you have to do is put the old mobile phone you want to sell in the envelope and drop it in the post.
  7. Once you mobile phone is tested and validated.

If you are resident of United Kingdom your should defiantly recycle your old cell phones for a better and clean environment and earn some extra cash for mobile.

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