Experience Virtual Reality on the Web and Feel Your Presence on Your Favorite Places [Chrome]

Google is bringing Virtual Reality (VR) on the web with the latest version of Chrome. Now you can feel your actual presence in each and every corner of your choice. Your dream of visiting Air Force area, museums, canyons, celebrities’ home and other real places will come true without efforts. You will also be able to watch award winning VR films along with VR animations and feel exclusively.

virtual reality at bear 71

Virtual Reality refers to a specific type of reality emulation. VR helps us to know the world through our senses and perception systems. It is usually implemented using computer technology and various systems are used for creating VR environment such as headsets, special gloves and omni-directional treadmills. All these systems are used to simulate our senses together to create the illusion of reality without going to any special environment.
To get started to experience Virtual Reality on web, make use of Chrome (latest version) with your Daydream ready phone along with Daydream View. After that, just explore the VR experience whichever you want to try and then choose to enter VR and put your phone in Daydream View headset. Now enjoy the feeling of illusion of reality in an easy manner.

There are many VR enabled websites are more sites are expected to be launched soon. Explore interactive documentary Bear 71 in order to explore the intersection of humans, nature and technology. You can also visit Matterport’s library which contains the treasure of more than 3 lacs of real places (homes, iconic architecture and museum etc.).

Apart from this, do watch extraordinary stories in Virtual Reality from Within and enter new dimensions of 3D scenes in VR with Sketchfab. If you want to share your exclusive and favorite creations, you can join the community.

Google stated, everyone soon will be able to enjoy Virtual Reality as Google is going to add support for more headsets than ever before. If you are curious to feel what you are reading at this moment, explore the VR-enabled sites and let us know about your experience in our comment section.

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