Facebook is continuously working for its users’ convenience and comfort. Facebook is now going to roll out a new feature which is called “snooze”. Facebook’s snooze feature is pretty similar to “mute” feature of WhatsApp.

As the name suggests, “snooze” button can mute annoying friends, pages, and groups for 30 days. By inserting one snooze button, Facebook lets you get rid of unwanted notifications. Now you don’t need to use unfollow and hide options for avoiding troublesome posts.

Facebook snooze feature

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This feature really works, if you are frustrated by seeing your friend’s vacation pictures, politicians or business news feeds and even your relatives annoying updates. This is a great feature if you do not want to unfollow your friends permanently.

Shruthi Muraleedharan, Product Manager of Facebook confirms that the snoozed friends, pages, and groups will not be reported. If required, you can reverse the snooze settings at any time.

Snooze feature will available in the next few days. So be ready to adjust your news feeds according to your own requirements.


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