Features of Google Chrome OS – Open-Source Web Based Operating System

google-chromeWhat is Chrome OS ? This Question is what everyone interested in web application and Operating System development is searching for on internet.

So here is a quick reference to Latest buzz on internet ” Google Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a Web based Operating System which enables user to run web apps much more quickly and securely than Microsoft’s Windows OS. So Chrome OS is so far the best alternative for Microsoft Windows. We might see Chrome OS being used on Netbooks in coming future as Google has hinted the final version might come in year 2010.

User doesn’t have to install, manage or update their programs as all the applications are web based applications and all the data is stored online on internet. One of the impressive feature of Chrome OS is boot-up time. which is just Seven seconds.

Security is one such area where Google Chrome OS has taken an entirely different approach from Microsoft Windows OS. Techniques like sandboxing is user to secure the operating system and data this means that Chrome Os doesn’t trust the independent applications which are running. Every app is enclosed in a security sandbox which make is more secure from malwares and viruses. Chrome OS doesn’t even trust itself so every time you start your computer  operating system verifies the integrity of its code and if OS finds any problem it restarts fixes the problem automatically.

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  1. Looks very interesting……….. I just love Google and all its related applications. At present I use chrome browser and I just love it for its speed. It is the fasted browser available at present………. Just want to see how their OS will be………. I bet it will give a good competition to other operating systems………. 🙂


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