FeedDemon enables you to read RSS feeds from your desktop, so you can browse information from dozens – or hundreds – of websites without having to visit them to find out what’s new. FeedDemon automatically downloads updates from your favorite Web sites. So, it eliminates the need for you to constantly monitor multiple Web pages, while allowing you to immediately identify and retrieve new articles no matter how long you’ve been away from your desk.

Some of the Latest Features in FeedDemon 3 RC2

Tagging: FeedDemon’s new tagging features enable you to assign your own keywords to items, making it easy to classify and locate articles you’ve previously read. To assign a tag to an item, simply click the tag icon under the item’s headline.

Really simple sharing: Sharing articles is now much simpler – just click the Share icon to add an item to the RSS feed for your shared clippings. And keep in mind that you can still share any web page by drag-and-dropping a hyperlink or browser tab to your shared clippings.

Short URL preview: Want to know where a short URL (TinyURL, etc.) will take you? Hover over it to see a balloon tip that shows where it goes.

Simpler, cleaner user interface: We’ve streamlined FeedDemon’s UI, cured the toolbutton overload of previous versions, and made a number of “tweaks” which improve the overall experience of using FeedDemon.

New start page: FeedDemon’s redesigned “Subscriptions Home” page now includes popular articles and YouTube videos from your subscribed feeds.
Better handling of Twitter feeds: If you’re a Twitter fan, you’ll love how we’ve made FeedDemon a better Twitter feed reader.
Even faster and more reliable: FeedDemon has always been fast (after all, its name is a play on the phrase “speed demon”), but now it’s even faster! And thanks to the built-in error reporting, we’ve identified and resolved the most common problems our customers encountered in earlier versions.

Changes in FeedDemon 3.0 RC2 (
* Added: Bing search definition
* Fixed: Older tagged/starred posts aren’t retrieved when synching with Google Reader
* Fixed: “Find Feeds” inoperable when synching with Google Reader
* Fixed: Outlook used when emailing posts even when Windows Mail set as the default email client
* Fixed: “New items received” message appears offscreen when newspaper is scrolled
* Fixed: “SQLite Error 5 – database is locked” error at startup or after running cleanup wizard
* Fixed: “Update all” icon remains as hourglass following connection failure
* Fixed: Newspaper shortcut for “Next item (automatically move to next feed)” doesn’t correctly navigate folders
* Fixed: Misaligned highlight in “Photo Strip” newspaper style
* Fixed: “Access denied” error downloading FDXSL/FDLANG/FDSRCH files from within FeedDemon when not logged into Windows as an admin
* Fixed: “Error saving file” dialog blocks FeedDemon until dialog is dismissed
* Fixed: Slow performance using J/K to navigate newspaper

File Size :- 3.41 MB
License :- Freeware Beta
Version :-
Homepage :- http://www.newsgator.com/NGOLProduct.aspx?ProdID=FeedDemon

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