Internet Protocol address or IP address as it is commonly called is a set of address which is assigned to each device on network. With the help of an IP address you can identify each and every device on a network. There are two types of address one is Private IP Address which is assigned to the device by your home router to interact within your own network. The second one is Private IP Address, which is assigned by your Internet Service Provider or ISP.  In this tutorial we will show you the ways to find IP address from your Windows 10 Pc

We are going to explain a number of methods by which you can find IP address (private and public) of your Windows 10 computer.

To Find IP Address in Windows 10 Settings

Launch the Settings app in your Windows 10 PC and click on Network & Internet icon.

Network & Internet icon in windows settings

Now tap on Ethernet or Wi-Fi on the left pane of window and click on the connected network on the right pane.

connected network connection

On the next window, under Properties section, you can find IPv4/IPv6 or both.

find IP address in Properties of network


To Find IP Address in Windows 10 Task Manager

Right click on the empty area of Taskbar and select Task Manager.

find IP address in task manager, detect IP Address

Select the Performance tab and then click on Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Now you can find IP address on right pane of Task Manager window.

find IP address in task manager

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To Find IP Address in Windows 10 Network Connections

Open the Control Panel and click on Network and Sharing Center icon.

network and sharing center

Click on “Change adapter settings” link appearing on the left pane of window.

find IP address in network and sharing center

Double click on the current network connection.

find IP address in control panel

Now click on Details button.

Wi-Fi status window

On the next window, you can find IP address of your PC.

network connection details

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To Find IP Address in Windows 10 Command Prompt

Open the Command Prompt on your Windows 10 PC and run the below command

ipconfig /all

This will show you the IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) of all network adapters on your PC.

find IP address of Windows 10 PC in Cmd using ipconfig /all

To Find IP Address Using Google

Go to on your web browser, type “what is my IP” and hit Enter. Now you will see your public IP address in result.

find IP address on google search engine


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