Firefox 4 Beta 3 With Multi touch for Win 7 Released

Mozilla has released Third Beta of Upcoming Firefox 4 version of their flagship Web Browser. According to official statement the latest Beta Version of Firefox4 is consider as stable and safe for use of daily web browsing. Because it’s just in Beta stage some of your favorite plugins might not work with it.


One of the most significant changes in this latest web browser is built-in support for multi-touch on Windows 7 Operating systems. An optimized JavaScript Engine give you a faster & safe browser. You will feel a better graphical experience in Firefox 4

Read about All the changes & New Features from Official Blog Post

Firefox4 team is working for different strategies and technologies to achieve it’s goal of becoming JACK of ALL Trades in Web Browser Industry. The ultimate Goals for Firefox4 are

  • To improve the performance of JavaScript Engine.
  • Full support for WebGL 1.0 spec, with support turned on by default in Firefox 4 Beta  on platforms that support OpenGL or OpenGL ES.
  • Hardware acceleration of the user interface, video and other HTML Content.
  • Improve user privacy by reducing the ability of sites to fingerprint individual users, and improve user control and privacy of cookies.

File Size :- 7.7 MB
Version  :- Firefox 4 Beta 3
Homepage :- Mozilla Corporation
Download  :- Firefox 4 Beta

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