Firefox 4 Beta 4 has been released by Mozilla Corporation. Latest version include two new features called Sync and Panorama.

Firefox Sync enables you to share your history, bookmarks, form-fill and tabs opened between multiple computers. The data transfer between two computers is encrypted before being send to Mozilla sync server to be shared.

Panorama is a visual tool with a very user friendly interface which let you organize open tabs into groups. Panorama can be accessed from button on the right  of bookmark bar which takes you to your tab playground, where you can expand or delete your tab sets, create new ones and organize them around the canvas as you see fit.

Read more about Firefox 4 Beta 4 at official blog post.

File Size :- 9.3 MB
License  :- Freeware
Version  :- Beta 4
Homepage :- Mozilla Corporation
Download   :- Firefox 4  Beta


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