Firefox Focus: Quick Access to Frequent Visited Sites with Same Privacy

Firefox Focus browser is the best privacy browser known for its various demanding features such as ad blocking, faster page loading, low battery consumption, automatic deletion of browsing history and more. When Mozilla launched this private browser for Android, it hit over 1 million downloads within the first month which indicates that privacy-concerned users like to use Focus browser.

Firefox focus url autocomplete quick access websites

On the demands of Firefox Focus users, now Mozilla brings a new feature in Firefox Focus that helps users to “quick access” the most visited sites. This new version enables users to get easy and instant access to their favorite websites without compromising with privacy. Firefox Focus users can also add any search engine to their favorite app by using this new feature. It is being confirmed that users’ data remain safe from any outside trackers target.

How It Works:

The “Quick access” feature is very helpful if you usually revisit few popular sites. For instance, if you browse food recipes or explore the latest music on particular websites, you can add the URL of the favorite websites to your personal autocomplete list.

By doing this, you will be able to visit the sites quickly which you have added to the URL list. You just simply type a couple of letters and enjoy the required results as your typed data will be auto-completed.

Firefox Focus URL Autocomplete, Quick access

This latest version can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. After the great success of Firefox Focus, the new version of Firefox Focus with “Quick access” feature will definitely soar the height of success.

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