Firefox Focus: Private, Ad Free Browser for Android and iOS

Firefox Focus, the privacy browser is the best tool for the Android as well as iOS users whom pet peeve is ads display and are concerned for their privacy. This ultimate web browser helps you to experience faster page loading, lower battery consumption and accelerated performance on Android or iOS device.

Whenever this private web browser is turned off, the entire browser data gets wiped out automatically and you can make a fresh start. You don’t need to worry about your entered passwords, cookies or any other important information.

Firefox Focus privacy browser

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Firefox Focus is considered to be the best browser for Android and iOS as it enhances browsing speed by blocking unnecessary ads that erode the speed of Internet. As a result, you get faster search results on this privacy web browser than other popular alternative browsers.

Cyber criminals do have the devastating ways to spread the malware including advertising abuses, aggressive cookies as well as inappropriate data collection. Therefore, this ultimate browser would be helpful to strengthen the security of information stored in Android or iOS device. Moreover, there is a little or no accountability for fraudulent persons spreading malvertising.

If you want to get rid of unpleasant ads and stop browser to keep your browsing history, you should switch to Firefox Focus. This advanced web browser makes it difficult to trace browsing history.

Download free Firefox Focus for Android from Google Play Store and for iOS from App Store.

How can ads be a threat to you?

The mobile phone consumers have the possibilities to be the victims of advertising malware attacks which can cause to transfer of confidential data or financial credentials in the hands of attackers. Due to the complexity of online advertisement, it’s becoming more crucial to identify the difference between genuine and fake ads.

Whenever you intentionally or unintentionally click on ads, you may either get directed to disguised URL that asks you to fill your personal information or a malware can be delivered to your device. Consequently, the attackers get control of your infected device to steal your personal information.

Even mainstream websites expose you to third parties which may also be potential to deliver malware in order to grab your information and exploit it.

How Firefox Focus improves browsing experience?

As the smartphone users hate automatic ads display that wears down the bandwidth and shake the browsing experience, the Mozilla developed Firefox Focus browser to enable you block ads on the browser without making any additional effort.

In addition, the sneaky trackers won’t trace you and even can’t collect your data secretively. This secure browser removes the footprints of your browsing and makes a fresh start with a single click.

To wrap up, the Firefox’s privacy browser makes sure you browse securely with high device performance.

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