Fixing “Outdated Java” Fake Message In Windows 10 Operating System

Majority of Windows 10 users are receiving Outdated Java message on the webpages. These messages can harm your computer if you take an action on the message. These fake messages are prepared by hackers to make your PC infected by malicious codes. As Java is prone to security vulnerabilities, a number of hackers target the computers that are using Java. You can get rid of this malicious and fake message by using the simple tricks.

outdated java message

How To Check Whether “Outdated Java” Message Is Fake Or Not

It is recommended that you should have installed latest version of Java in your PC because some of the webpages use Java to provide contents to the users. But if you are getting fake message of Outdated Java then you can recognize whether the message is original or fake. The original message will contain three options:

• Update (recommended): Selecting this option will launch the website to get the latest java version.
• Block: This option will block the java plug-in in the browser until you update the latest version of java.
• Later: Selecting this option will continue to load java plug-in in the browser and keep on reminding to update the latest version of java.

If you are not able to view all these three options then the displayed message is fake. Malicious message contains only one option of Update. When you select the option of update, your PC can be prone to vulnerabilities. If you disable the java plug-in, your PC will remain safe from the unwanted java vulnerabilities. There will be another option “Do not ask again until the next update is available”, check this option if desired and this will not show the message again until the next update is available.

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How To Disable “Outdated Java” Message In Windows 10

Beware of scam of malicious users and avoid downloading & installing their software on your PC. There are number of tricks which enable you to deal with this scam and keep your system secure.

First of all remove the suspicious software from your PC if your system seems to work unusual. After uninstalling the suspicious software check if your system is working well? There are multiple adware apps spread out on the internet and are not real. It is strictly recommended to install apps from trustworthy sources.

Another method to disable Outdated Java message is to use malware removal software. This software automatically detect vulnerable app that is causing problem in your PC and remove it.

This method is more preferable because the malwares are not easy to detect always. Malware removal software helps to remove infected files and apps.

Besides these, it is also suggested to reset your browser to fix this issue. This will remove all the browsing history, cache, settings, installed extensions and downloaded files. Resetting browser is quite easy and it helps to disable fake message of Outdated Java if the message is appearing due to malicious browser extension.

You can use any or all of these methods for keeping your Windows 10 PC away from the scam of hackers.

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