FTC Warns About Netflix Phishing Scam

The US government agency has sent an official warning to the Netflix users as a new phishing scam is identified. The hackers are trying to steal the money by requesting the consumers to update their payment information.

Netflix phishing scam

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The FTC shared a screenshot of an Email scam that revealed how the hackers are trying to steal the financial information of users. In this email, the users are asked to update payment details due to the trouble with current billing information. The email also contains an international phone number for the assistance of consumers.


Usually, nobody bothers about reading emails very carefully but this kind of scams force us to be careful even when we receive official messages or emails, especially when we are asked to take an action.

Here’s the screenshot of the Netflix email scam, if you notice, there are some suspicious terms or spellings such as “Hi Dear” and “Centre”. Netflix addresses the users by their actual names instead of common terms and uses US English instead of British English.

Netflix phishing scam screenshot

Without an iota of doubt, Netflix takes the security matters very seriously but like others, it has become the target of scams. Netflix encourages its users to be alert about suspicious activities. The users are suggested to change their password periodically and report whenever they notice fraudulent or suspicious activities. Even if they find security vulnerability on the Netflix app, they are encouraged to inform Netflix for the timely solution.

The FTC asked Netflix users to beware of phishing scams and if they doubt on an email or message, they can forward the details to spam@uce.gov or visit ftccomplaintassistant.gov to report phishing scam. They can also forward the scam details on phishing@netflix.com.

Avoid clicking on links or sharing personal/financial information. Clicking on unverified links can lead to the installation of malware on your PC and sharing info can let others steal your money.

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