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Growth in mobile phone market is unprecedented. As is has shattered all the predictions of the upcoming growth patterns, more and more mobile devices are being released. Because of which cell phones are getting obsolete very rapidly. As old mobile phones are thrown away which itself is a big concern for environment. Need of the hour is to stop these obsolete devices from ending up in landfills. There is a parallel market of refurnished cell phones. You can sell cell phones you don’t use anymore and earn some cash in return.

Where to Sell Cell Phones ?

There are many companies which buys cell phones for refurnishing purpose. Sell Cell is a a cell phone recycling price comparison site. It help you get best price for your old mobile phone. You can get competitive prices that various companies  offer for the mobile phone you want to sell. You can also check the list most valuable mobile phone and the most popular ones online.

How to Sell Cell Phones ?

To sell your phones go to and search for price which different companies are offering for the cell phone you possess. If you like the price you can click the selected company and follow the procedure of the selected company to send the phone. Majority of the companies offer free mailing service to collect the phone. Once the phone is verified and tested company will transfer the amount into your account.

The company wants only sell phone without any charger or accessory. Both working and non working cell phones are accepted by nearly all the companies and different price.

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