Gmail Backup is aimed to backup and restore your Gmail mailbox. You will need to activate the IMAP access to your mailbox, to do so, please open your Gmail settings and under POP/IMAP tab activate this option. The messages are stored in the local directory in files which names follow the format YYYYMMDD-hhmmss-nn.eml. In case there are more e-mails with the same timestamp there is the number nn which starts with value 1. Label assignment is stored in the file labels.txt which is the plain text file and it pairs the e-mails stored in the file described above with the assigned labels.

Change Log

The user interface was improved. Now it has the minimize button, so you can hide your backup process. If you want to see how many percent is done, you can simple look at the window title in the task list!

  • We tried to fix an “Invalid credentials” error during backup. Now, the Gmail Backup tries to reconnect if it occurs. Can somebody test this feature?
  • Internal structure of program was changed in many ways. The program now supports the ZIP archives to store messages. You can simply enter the path ending with .zip into the directory path and the program will add all messages into this archive.
  • The Gmail Backup now uses templates to generate the filename inside the backup directory. You can simply specify the template using the hashmark after the directory name. The variables in the template are substituted with values extracted from the stored emails.
    For example you can enter the directory like this:
    c:\Backup\[email protected]#$YEAR\$FROM\$YEAR$MONTH$DAY-$SUBJ

    You can also use templates with ZIP files. Currently, the following variables are supported:

    • $YEAR, $MONTH, $DAY
    • $FROM, $SUBJ

    You can write the variable as $YEAR if you can use ${YEAR} if some alphanumeric characters follows immediately after the variable name.

  • Gmail Backup can be now easily localized into other languages. If you are familiar with software localization, look at the gmail-backup.pot file included in the installation directory. The installation comes with one localization into Czech.
  • Gmail Backup should be portable application. If you copy the content of installation directory to your flash-disc and create and empty file called gmail-backup-gui.cfg in this directory, the Gmail Backup will use files only in this directory (there are no hardcoded paths in the program).

This version contains major changes into the core of the program. It is considered less stable then the previous 0.104 version but it comes with many improvements. If you want so, please help us with testing it.

IMAP & Gmail Labs note: If you are using the Gmail Labs, please make sure that you have enabled the IMAP access into the All Mails folder. You can check this in the Settings/Labels page of your Gmail account. Otherwise, Gmail Backup will tell you, that you are using “Unsupported language of Gmail”!

Licence :- Freeware
Homepage :-
Download :- Gmail Backup 0.105


  1. Hallo,
    I downloaded gmai-backup 0.107 and i,m unable to work it .
    After installation of .exe file the oprning page on deskto is very large, covering screen from top to botton.
    The taps below the mail window are all missing
    changing the screen res. does not help; the four taps are not there, it looks as if the opening page is cut off at the bottom.
    Can you help ?


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