Google Android 9 Pie Features: All You Need to Know

Google has officially introduced the latest version of the mobile operating system called as Android 9 Pie, for the compatible smartphones. This Android 9 mobile OS is powered by Artificial Intelligence that aims to make the mobile phones smarter, faster as well as simpler experience for the users. The most interesting fact about this Android version is that it’s more adaptive. Unlike to predecessor mobile OS version like Android Oreo, it adapts how you use your device and start predicting your next task to save your precious time. Android 9 Pie notices how likely you use apps and then it prioritizes the battery power for the most used apps.

Google Android 9 Pie features, Android P

Android 9 Pie Features

Google’s Android Pie incorporates the demanding & worthy features, therefore, it’s expected that it will get more famous as compared to predecessor OS versions. It’s built by keeping the preferences of users in mind. Let’s have a look on the features of the latest Android 9 Pie which is a successor to Android Oreo (Android 8).

Adaptive Battery Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Google introduced a new feature in Android P which is called an adaptive battery. This feature learns how you use the different apps on your phone and the apps which are not used more likely, that wouldn’t drain the battery. Due to this, you would be able to use your phone for long hours with a single charge.

Adaptive Brightness Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive brightness learns how you use the brightness in different settings. After that, it sets the brightness of your phone automatically, therefore you don’t need to change brightness manually.

App Actions

App Actions feature helps you to jump to your next task more quickly by predicting what you want to do based on your context. It displays the predicted action on the display of your smartphone.

For instance, suppose you connect headphones to your phone running Android 9 Pie, you will get options that were used by you earlier like a playlist or the call option for your loved one.


The Slices feature displays the significant part of your used apps on the screen to enable you to grab the quick information. Suppose you search for a ride on OLA, Lyft or Uber, the operating system will show you the information about the nearest driver, distance to home & work as well as the real-time prices.

Intuitive Navigation

By using this feature, you can switch between different applications by using gestures rather than buttons. Intuitive navigation feature lets you move to other apps more naturally.

Digital Wellbeing

Google says “Great technology should help, not distract” that’s why Android 9 P includes this digital wellbeing feature to enable you to use multiple useful tools to learn using your smartphone.

App Timers

Now you can set your daily time limits using App timers. This will help you to avoid overusing of apps. This feature helps you to remind your limits and goals.

Wind Down and Do Not Disturb

This feature lets you set a schedule. Its screen will fade to greyscale during the time of going to bed.

Likely to Apple, Google has also introduced “Do Not Disturb” feature that silences the notifications and let to disconnect anytime you want.

Security and Privacy

Google says that it has enabled a great privacy and security capabilities in Android P. It would be used for encrypting the Android backup and keeping the sensitive information such as PIN, pattern, password, credit card information, personal information protected.

Apart from this, the StrongBox feature will help to protect the private keys so that nobody can steal the same. Even the malware will be unable to attack for stealing the information.

The smartphones running Android 9 also includes privacy enhancements which restrict the idle applications from accessing the camera, microphone, as well as other sensors.

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