Google has launched augmented reality kit for the developers called ARCore, which is the lighter version of OZ for Android. ARCore’s main motto is to bring augmented reality capabilities to existing or future Android smartphones. ARCore works without specified hardware. ARCore mainly focuses on Motion i.e. position and pose, environmental understanding i.e. horizontal surface and light estimation.

Augmented Reality App ARCore

The ARCore development kit is similar to Apple’s ARKit which supports iOS. According to The Verge, the Google is targeting to support 100 million devices to run augmented reality app ARCore. However, this time it supports Android 7.0 Nougat and Android Oreo. As the SDKit grabs, the developer attention but customers are not yet showing interest in ARCore. Presently, the Google is trying to bridging the gap in between customers and service.

Google has focused on the visual search to appear highly animated objects and Apple with launching partner called IKEA focuses on reality framework for integrating into iOS 11 release.

Moreover, Google has been working on Tango projects for three years and soon going to launch Lenovo and Asus smartphone which focuses on high ended virtual reality and depth perception functionality.


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