Google to bring updated Chromecast with improved connectivity

Google is ready to bring the updated Chromecast version that is likely to have a similar appearance to the existing 2nd-generation model. The new version of Chromecast comes with Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi improvements. It seems that the purpose for adding Bluetooth is to connect input peripherals like keyboards and a gaming controller.

updated chromecast

Google has not published any official statement to reveal the information about the new model of Chromecast, but several reports & documents filed to FCC get disclosed. The new Chromecast is identified as the model number NC2-6A5B that has a modified antenna with a 0.5mm trim on the PCB trace that increases the performance on 5GHz.

FCC New Updated Chromecast Wi-Fi

FCC filing is accompanied by several important reports that unveil the technical changes and improvements packed in this latest Chromecast. It is expected that Google will launch this updated Chromecast later this year alongside Google Smart Display, Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel Watch, and Pixelbook.

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