The first reCAPTCHA Android API has been brought in order to protect users whenever they use their mobile apps. It will use Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA technology to recognize whether the user is a human being or a bot with just a single click. This API will help get streamlined users experience on the mobile and run the apps without any interruption along with keeping the data safe.

The reCAPTCHA Android API is announced as a part of Google Play Services and included with Google SafetyNet. The mobile developers can reduce the security issues faced by apps users just by performing device and user attestations in reCAPTCHA Android API.


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Google is working continually to refine the protection, therefore, introducing new forms of CAPTCHA for more protection against security risks. A few years back, Google introduced CAPTCHA to protect the websites from bots. It was an annoying process as users need to type combination of awkward texts and digits. After that, Google replaced the CAPTCHA with reCAPTCHA that asks users to select the particular group of pictures to access the websites. It is less time consuming and needs few clicks. In order to improve the user experience, invisible reCAPTCHA was introduced recently and developed by using AI.

The reCAPTCHA Android Library is invoked directly when the Android user clicks on the component (to which reCAPTCHA Android is integrated). The developers need to set up Google Play Services into their projects and connect to Google API client. After that, they will be able to invoke reCAPTCHA Android. This will keep the mobile users secure from spam and abuse by running the risk analysis behind the scene.


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