While some of the Android users are enjoying the restrictions-less mobile operating system, some security concerned users and researchers are reporting about malicious activities. Although other mobile operating systems are also prone to security issues due to rogue apps, the Android is spotlighted in the list. Recently, Google has received lots of reports about malicious apps. To nap rogue applications, Google has silently implemented new security mode called as Panic Detection in Android 7.1 Nougat.

Android 7.1 Panic detection mode

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Panic Detection mode listens to the multiple back buttons presses successively which indicates that the user is in a panic of the rogue app and trying to get back to home screen. Rogue applications prevent Android users from leaving and the new panic detection mode feature added in Android 7.1 Nougat override the malicious applications to bring operator to the main screen.

By examining the code of Android 7.1, XDA Developers revealed that the number of back button presses consecutively gets noticed to execute panic mode. If the users press back button 4 times successively, the feature will get activated.

The Hindu reported, “In the year 2016, cyber security solutions provider Symantec detected a rogue application on Google Play Store, called Beaver Gang Counter that disguised itself as score keeping app for a card game. The reality of that app was something else as it initiates searching the media files in the background. If it gets successful in finding data, it starts sending it to the relatively remote server.”

As Google is committed to provide best ever experience to Android users through Google Play Store, when Symantec informed Google about the rogue app, Google removed it from the store as it was violating the policies.

Due to the wide range of such security threats reports, Google is becoming more concerned about Android mobile operating system. As a result, Panic detection mode has come into existence.

Google has not revealed the information regarding this Android 7.1 Nougat panic mode, as perhaps Google doesn’t want attackers to find the method of cracking this mode and harm Android users.

Hopefully, Google will add more security features in Android mobile operating system to keep the users protected from massive security threats.

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