Google Meet: A New Video Conferencing Tool for G Suite Business Users

Google Meet, the ultimate conferencing tool for G suite business users is launched by Google. Google Meet is meant to be a new application tool in the G suite family which will enable businessmen to interact with each other through high definition video conferencing.

The interface is looking quite impressive from the home page while the actual performance of interface will be accessed after experiencing it. Google is yet to publicize the services of Google Meet in the coming days, during its business users’ conference in San Francisco.

Google Meet video conferencing tool

As Google Meet allows you to join the meeting by entering the code and followed by joining Google Hangout video call. While doing video conferencing, you can mute microphone, turn off camera, adjust bandwidth usage if required temporarily. Besides this, the settings option enables you to edit options available for camera and microphone. The large number of participant (up to 30) can communicate with this app.

We have to wait for the announcement by Google to know more about the features of Google Meet which differentiate this app from other competitor apps which are currently dominating in the business scenario. Let’s see which video conferencing app will take larger market share.

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