Google has launched a new PhotoScan app for Android and iOS devices to convert old printed photos into digital ones. With Google Photoscan now it has become easy to save your old memories into your mobile devices and carry them anywhere. An era has gone when people used to save printed copies of all the photographs. Now we are living in the digital world and we can’t pursue old methods of saving memories. Everyone must have old photographs and he likes to see all those pictures to cherish the memories and PhotoScan app is here to help you to explore memories anytime.

Google PhotoScan App

PhotoScan app is quite easy to use and its interface resembles to the interface of gaming apps. It doesn’t ask for login and requires access to the camera on your device. You can install PhotoScan app from the Google Play Store

How To Use Google PhotoScan App

Whenever you launch the app your device camera is automatically turned on (for the first time you need to give permission to the app of accessing the device camera). Click the picture of printed photograph using this app. Four circles will appear around the picture and you have to move the cursor to the corners of the photograph.

You can also edit the photographs and amend corner selection even after taking the picture. This app allows you to save your final pictures in Google photos.

Use this app and share your experience via comments on this blog post. We will keep you updated by introducing other new apps on our website.


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