Google Launches New Feature to Reduce the Complexity of Handling AMP Pages

Nowadays smartphones and tablets have become indispensable part of our life and even changed the way to access the information. During loading the pages, it used to take much time and as a result publishers loss valuable readers, this is the reason Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages.

These pages are designed to be loaded instantly on mobile devices. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web, were not easy to handle, but now Google is trying to make it easier to handle by adding a new functionality in the form of Anchor button.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Now you will be able to copy the original link from the AMP results easily with the help of anchor button which will appear in the header. Along with the facility of copying the full original link, there would be a share button to enable you to share original link via apps. Google will use Web Sharing API to integrate share button in AMP header. The former feature will start rolling out by today but the later one doesn’t have an ETA yet. Hopefully that will also available soon. These two new features will make it convenient for both readers as well as publishers to handle Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Moreover, when scroll down the page to read it, the AMP viewer header bars will get hide to free up the space on the screen. Google will also redirect the users to the canonical page for the document in case the users visit a Google AMP viewer URL on a platform where the viewer is not available.

Source: Google Developers Blog

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