Google Starts Support for Bluetooth In-Band Ringtones with Android O

Google’s Android O is the next major release just after Nougat that’s bringing lots of amazing features to your Android devices. Google is focusing to improve the performance of Android mobile operating system in order to meet the demands of users. As legacy versions of Google’s Android operating system don’t provide expected Bluetooth performance, the latest Android O introduces Bluetooth in-band ringtones support.

Google supports bluetooth in-band ringtones with Android O

The final Android 8.0 update is expected to be released soon this year as for the time being this major update is in the testing phase. Some of the noticeable features are publicized by Google, while some features remain under the hood and get exposed by users or developers one by one. The spotlighted features are picture-in-picture, snooze notifications just from single apps, auto-fill managers and more. Probably, Google team will add worthy features in the coming preview builds.

The in-band ringtone support in Android O is firstly spotted by XDA while using Android O developer preview builds. “We recently uncovered evidence that Bluetooth battery level indicators would be coming to a future version of Android (though not necessarily Android 8.0), and we already know that Bluetooth audio codec support is in the next release. But tucked away in the same Developer Options menu where you can find the audio codec options is a feature that has been requested by users since 2009 – in-band ringtone support” XDA team said.

Android O in-band-ringtone support

When the user enables in-band ringing feature, the device’s custom ringtone will be played through connected Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Though Google has finally added this “in-band ringing” support, it’s not a big achievement as this is one of the essential features required to be added in every mobile operating system.

In the nutshell, every major update rolls out with new features and performance improvements, but there’s always a need to bring something bigger in the update to grab users attention. Let’s see what would be the next announcements and reviews about the Android 8.0.

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