Google has launched the official payment app Tez at an event held in Delhi. Google Tez App is based on UPI (United Payments Interface) platform by which users can easily transfer their payments within bank accounts. Now users are able to just rely on their mobile number’s VPA (Virtual Payment Address) to make payment straight to the bank account with the help of this app.

Google Tez App for making payments

In Tez app, you can access multiple bank accounts with one mobile number that is linked to all of your bank accounts. You can send money to another person easily and pay to store by choosing any of your bank account, linked in Google Tez App. This app comes up with built-in two-step authentication which makes your transaction secured from the scam.

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Google is also working with traveling and food services like redBus, OLA, Uber, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut which allow users to pay for the products and services using the Tez app. Google also provides a service Scratch Cards with Tez that allows users to randomly win money.

Install Google Tez App

Google Tez app supports seven Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and it supports English as well. For the time being, it is launched in India but Google may bring this service to other countries like Indonesia, Asia, and the Philippines in the coming time. The app is available for Android on Google Play Store and for iOS on Apple’s App Store so you can download this app for making your payments securely. Let us know about your experience of using Tez app.


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