Google Translate Bringing Higher Quality Neural Translations

Google is improving the translate accuracy in Google Translate tool for some time. Google started working on it secretively by using deep neural networks to translate entire sentences instead of translating only the chunks of words or phrases. This technology will soon be available for more languages as it is only applied to Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese for this time. Google started to test neural translation technology on few languages before implementing it on all the languages just to check the performance and outcome and this results in the improvement of translation accuracy.

Google Translate improvements

You might notice the results of Google Translate, it used to show correct translation for words and phrases but on the other side, inappropriate translation for long sentences.

Now we are delighted to perceive that Google is tweaking the technology which is being used in Google Translate and is bringing accuracy in the translation of long sentences. Neural translation is better as it translates the sentence and produces the result just like the people speak out the language. Now the translated sentence will not seem awkward as it seemed before.

Let’s wait for the implementation of neural translation technology to all the languages in coming months.

Source: Google blog

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