Google Trusted Contacts app is new app released by Google Inc. This android app allows you to trace the location of your loved ones in case of emergency. Google Trusted Contacts app is a perfect tool that helps you to check whether your loved ones are safe when they are far away from you.

google trusted contacts app

The Google Trusted Contacts app allows you to choose your trusted contacts with whom you feel safe to share your location. Your trusted contacts can request you to share your current location when they feel worried about you and you can approve or decline the request. You can decline the locations access request in case you feel safe. Besides this, if you feel that you are in a trouble and need help of your trusted contacts, you can communicate with your trusted contacts and share your location.

In case, you don’t respond to the request within five minutes, your last specified location will be automatically shared to your trusted contact. Your trusted contacts can also see your phone’s activity status to ensure that you are safe.

This app is must have app for the people who usually travel alone in late hours or for parents who wants to know the location of their kids when they got late while returning home. Google Trusted Contacts app lets you feel safe even when you are alone.

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The best thing about this app is that it also works when you or your loved one is offline or the phone is out of battery. Install Google Trusted Contacts app from the Google Play Store and make your dear ones as well as yourself safe in every situation.


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