Google is bringing its Artificial Intelligent Assistant on Android TV. It will enable users to use voice commands to play the desired contents and do many more. Google Assistant on Android TV would work almost similar to other platforms where it’s already available. This AI Assistant is currently available in Google’s Pixel smartphone, Allo chat app and Google Home device. The users are quite happy to have this Google Assistant in various devices.

Google assistant on Android TV

According to Google, the Nvidia Shiled will be the first device which will offer hands free assistant experience. Nvidia Shield has also confirmed this announcement at its CES press conference.

Google Assistant is a rival of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. The working of these features is different from device to device, but still some of the functions are similar. Google is providing exclusive functionality of Google search which is not available in Alexa.

If you are an Android TV user, you need to just say “OK Google” and your Assistant will get ready to accept your commands. The various commands that you can yell at your Android TV using Google Assistant are playing your favorite contents, find various shows using voice command, instruct the assistant to play any particular show from the list (for instance, say “play the second one” to give follow up instruction to play second video). Apart from controlling the Android TV, you can also run Google searches and control smart home products.

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Various Hardware that Will Get Google Assistant

For the time being, Google has announced some of the hardware devices which will get its Artificial Intelligent Assistant. On the later stage more devices may get added to the list as Google wants to bring its Assistant in every compatible device and platform. The devices includes Nvidia Shield, AirTV Player,Android TVs in US, running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat, Xiaomi Mi Box, Sony Bravia and Sharp Aquos.

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Google has not yet announced the exact date of the update which will enable Android TV users to control their televisions using voice commands and get rid of typing to search the contents. Let’s wait for the next announcement which will disclose the date of releasing the latest update.


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